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Perform Sri Ganesh Puja online Musical Ganesh Puja Largest BitTorrent System is down due to copyright issues. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against torrent site extratorrent is logged and site is made down.

  1. US Senator Candidate Accused of Copyright Infringement 9:25 AM Sep 16
  2. UK ISP Responded to U2 Manager’s Accusations 9:24 AM Sep 16th
  3. Eminem Won the Appeal in Royalty Dispute 9:23 AM Sep 16th

Aiplex Software works with numerous Bollywood movie production houses, but also some major film studios like 20th Century Fox. the majority of websites do take DMCA copyright infringement notifications seriously, with YouTube and Daily Motion being amongst the most responsive ones.

Denial of Service attacks, or intentionally impairing the functionality of a computer system, is illegal in most countries and is punished with years of imprisonment. The World’s Largest BitTorrent System The World’s Largest BitTorrent System. Torrents for free download. Download music, movies, games, software, iPod, anime,extratorrent movies, extra torrent, extratorrent safe, extratorrent shut down, extratorrent down

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