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Enthiran released on friday oct 1st 2010, after all fantastic trailers and advertisements.Rajini fans in tamilnadu take enthiran ratham from kanyakumari to thiruvanamalai for hundred percentage results.

Actor: main role played by rajni + aiswarya rai

Director: shankar

Music:A.R rehman

Producer: kalanithi maran,hansraj saxena

Rajnikanth played role  Scientist create robo who is physically like him.Rajni love  sana ,the role by aiswarya rai.Aiswarys rai acting is really fantastic and her emotions on love.Dr.Vasi misuse his robo in wrong way ,and is really worked out or vasi realise his mistakes.Unfortunately sana beautiful girl love robo.

Triangle love between Dr.Vasi ,sana, robo.

which love suceed?

The costumes for aiswarya rai in that film is really gentle ,and perfectly suit her body structure.

The special effects and fight scene is tremendous job as this film is the high budget film in asian film industry.Musician A.R Rehman Sincerely finish his work though he has  work  for world cup song.Now only we come to knoe why A.R rehman song has stuff enough than others. A.r rehman composed with foreigners band and he hardly work day and night.He sleeps only two hours a day.

One must Watch this film only in theatre for realstic special  sound effects.Robo make up looks gentle.

The  Superb scene is that robo with no of guns on his hand,Smashing car,scene which not shown in any other movie.

As the film is on 3000 screens in three languages.The story is fulfilling tamil fans with robo with special effects.The Telugu  and Hindi people want extra in family sentiments,love scene,colourful dresses,some more practical jokes. Full of comedy movie..

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