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Anjana Anjani Review Online Movie Anjana Anjani Release Date Hindi Film Anjana Anjani Video

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Movie ANJAANI ANJAANI Release Date Postponed to 1st October 2010.
With the Ayodhya verdict deferred to next week, rumours started flying fast and furious within the industry that ANJAANA ANJAANI has been postponed yet again. The film was pushed from 24th September to 1st October and was now rescheduled for 8th October. The news gave panic attacks to several people in the film industry, especially film producers whose films are slated to release in October. A further postponement of ANJAANA ANJAANI would only mean that the release schedule would go haywire, yet again.

However, ANJAANA ANJAANI producer Sajid Nadiadwala denied he had decided to shift the film any further. “There’s no truth to these rumours. I am not pushing the film ahead. ANJAANA ANJAANI is confirmed for 1st October and that’s final,” via
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Anjana Anjani Review Online Movie Anjana Anjani Release Date Hindi Film Anjana Anjani Video

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