ToDo Before You Sign In For Google Adsense

Small things to keep in mind before you sign in for google adsense, . I started blogging one year back so I guess i can share some good TODO blogging tips for new blogger.
1. Have a permanent address information. Have a permanent address information, it will be good if you reside in that address. It will be better if you have valid government photo address proof with your name on that address. I have given my home address for google PIN mailer. My hometown is not in metro city, it is a district place. I have given this address twice but after wait time is over I did not received the PIN mailer. I have asked the same question at [one of the top blog in india], but in vain. For the last attempt I have given my friends address, he lives in metro city and owns the house. To my surprise I received the google mailer PIN in a week’s time, and from then I used to get my monthly checks in time. Points here are Give some metro city address of your relatives if you are not staying there. other option is if you did not get the Pin mailer after three tries you can send the scan copy of your photo address proof to google, you will get mail after three tries.
2. Align you name with bank account
This is again important, as all your bank checks will come via citi bank cheques, and as account pay. The back account name must match with Payee Information Name. Please note that once you have updated this information you will not be able to change this name. Then only option left with you is you have to open a new bank account with that name.
3. Public service adds are showing.
This is common and almost all blogger will face this problem. Reasons, the contents of you blog post is not matching any ads, and other thing is you have not entered goole PIN for address verification.
4. Go Get Readers first
If you have less than 500 page views a day, it’s better to keep your blog ads free as the likelihood of making any “real” income is pretty low. Get readers first, make them addicted to your content and then think of advertising.
5. Check out my Hot list
Once you got the readers check out how you can run with blogging.

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