Setting Google Crawl Rate To Improve Your Blogg Traffic

Hi aspiring bloggers, todays post is about effect of setting crawl rate for my blogging. well first see what is crawl rate mean?
The crawl rate affects the speed of Googlebot’s requests during the crawl process. It has no effect on how often Google bot crawls your site. Google determines the recommended rate based on the number of pages in your site.
Crawling is the process by which Google bot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.
Now about my experiment using Google crawl rate. use Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools to set up Google crawl rate, I have set up the crawl rate to faster, by default it was low.
How to set up crawl rate?
Go to webmaster tool of Google and use settings tab; there you can select the crawl rate. Set that to Faster.
This is the result for setting crawl rate , Google traffic is increasing. I have set the crawl rate to higher on December, since from November end my blog traffic was decreasing,
Well this is going to affect in the sense that, if someone is using google.trends to check the latest key words and if you have made the search on that and kept a post about that keyword then your are the don for that day. ie your post will be indexed first and almost most of the traffic is to your site.
So enjoy the my blogging experiments.

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