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No traffce, don’t worry, check my tips Increase traffice

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Unless you have traffic to your site, there is no point in spending your time and writing posts and reading it yourself.
You need others to read your posts, comment on your posts, subscribe to your posts.

Below are some tips to improve traffic to your site or blog.

1. Add to top search engine
Add your site/blog to Google . It takes time to go into Google Index. Have a patience. Also add your blog to Google ping service.
With help of Google webmaster tools make your blog more Google friendly. Here you get verified your site/blog. This helps to get you quickly into Google index.
Next top search engine is Yahooo.!.

Here comesMSN ..
and list goes on..

This site does everything for you automatically try out//\\

Also check out this url

2. Go around the world wide web
Visit forums, and post your comments, with signature as your blog / site.
Best place is yahoo answers.

3 .submit your blog to different directories
One of the accepted method to boost the visibility of your blog / website is to submit your blog to different directories. Check out some free directories like Google Directory or Dmoz and some are paid ones like Yahoo Directory.

Why do you need to submit your site to different directories?
you get one way linking which is very much useful for search engine ranking and getting your site listed in Search engine SERP’s.
Increased visits by Search engine robots
Keyword targeting
Brand building
Relevant Link Building
Link Popularity
Quick Indexing by search engines
Submit your blog / site to Indian Web directory

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