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One question that seems to never get a really good straight answer is “how can i make [insert $ amount] per day online?”. So I thought I’d give it a shot and show you a few ways to make 50 dollars a day by making small dollar amounts with multiple sources. Makes sense huh? I’m saying 50 dollars because it seems like a pretty reachable goal for most people. There’s so many situations where beginners are handed the information on how to make money but they never do anything with it because they’re either overwhelmed or just too darn lazy. Let me attempt to lay this out for you.

For example, we’re going to set a goal to make $5 a day using 10 different ways. That equals to 50 bucks a day if you do the math. Now, the first part is reaching the goal of 50 a day. The important part is keeping it or increasing the dollar amount through out the month. You don’t want to decline. If you achieve this, then you’ll make roughly $1500.00 a month.

Materials needed:
– 10 programs or sites (I’ll suggest some)
– Some marketing skills
– Strong desire to make a steady $50 a day.
– Computer, food, coffee and trucker tablets.

Recommended programs/sites/ideas
GPT Sites – You might say to yourself if you’re a GPT site user: “Hey I can just make $5 a day on 10 different GPT sites every day”. It’s not exactly that easy. Why? Because offers run out and don’t credit at times. That means that you’re going to have to refer plenty of people to them. So I do recommend that you use your favorite GPT site with the best referral program. If you’re not a GPT user, you can find some .GPT sites here.

Offer your servicesDigitalPoint has a great section where many people offer services to others and get paid for it. For example, you can make a thread offering to submit someones articles to social bookmarking sites and get paid for that. Easily make $5 a day. Some more examples are:
– Forum posting
– Article submitting
– Submitting to directories
..and more

Affiliate Programs – If you own your own blog or website, then you need to join some affiliate networks! You can promote sites and earn money by writing posts about them and by putting banner or text link ads on your site. When people sign up, you get paid. You’re going to need traffic for this to work out, but not much because you’re only looking to make $5 a day from it (or more). MAXBounty and NeverBlueAds.

Adsense – Another nice income source but you need traffic for it as well. Get paid by Google everytime a visitor to your site simply clicks a text ad. A free blog at allows you to put Adsense on it. also, Blogger blogs tend to do well with search engine rankings. Sign up for google adsense.

Sell stock photos – If you’re pretty good with photos then this could be something good. Sell your photos on photography sites such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime or Fotolia.

eBay – People make loads of money on eBay everyday. Why don’t you get your share? Remember, you can sell just about anything on there. If you have nothing to sell. Try Doba or another similar company. You can sell information such as ebooks as well.

Reviews for money – If you think you’re no writer, think again. Anyone can do it. I’m willing to bet there’s many people that would let you review them for $5. That’s cheap! Use a free blog at if you want. Get your site a little established and do the sponsored posts for even more. Try using services such as Payperpost and Reviewme. Do a paid review everyday or as often as you can. Also check out DigitalPoint again to find people to review.

Freebie sites – These types of sites are fairly popular. Ever heard of getting a free iPod? They’re basically GPT sites except you get a reward for completing offers and referring some friends. Not only do they offer you a reward, they also give you the choice to take cash instead. They tend to payout much higher than a GPT site. Also, you can actually charge people to be your referral. People pay you from anywhere between $5 to 30 or even 50 bucks just to be their referral. A good place to find these people is at the Freelunchroom.

Opinion Outpost – These people are a survey company. The good thing about them is the referral prgram. Refer just 5 people to the site a day using your referral link, and that’s $5 you make everyday. They pay $1 for each sign up, which is why I’m suggesting them. Register.

Par per install – A little about ZangoCash – When users visit your website and try to access protected content, they are prompted to install Zango. ZangoCash pays web you for every new install and each user is able to gain free access to content. They also have a referral program

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