Increase Neobux Earning Paid To Click Offers Program Increase Neobux Revenue

Increase Neobux Earning, NeoBux: The Innovation in Paid-to-Click Services Neobux is one of the most used and most trusted PTC. PTC stands for paid to click and Paid to click offers users to click on the advertisement in order to Earn Money. There are many Paid to click programs on the internet among which neobux is the most trusted. Neobux offers 4 advertisement click in a day which earns $0.04 at 1 cent per advertisement for standard account and even more for Gold or premium account. From this value you can earn $1.20 in a month which is very less amount. But nothing to worry because there are even neobux users who earn more than 1000$ in a month. This proves that you can earn even more. You can check and interact with those users in Neobux Forums. Here in this Post I will be dealing with some Points that will increase Neobux revenue.

First and most important way to increase neobux earning is Referring. The more you refer more you earn. you will earn something on each referral click and some commission on some referral purchase. So if you are able to earn referrals,you can earn very much.

How to Increase Referrals at Neobux

There are many many ways to increase referrals. Among these I will write some important. one of the most important is directly referring it to your friends and colleague. With this you can collect some Referrals and will earn some extra cash.

The other way is to advertise by putting an advertisement to your website or by putting referral banners to other websites by paying something. When you pay something,You will earn doubled or tripled. You can increase referrals by adding them to the websites.

The other way to increase referrals is using Forums. Forums is the most effective way of advertising neobux and getting referrals. You can search for Forums that deals with earning money or paid to click or something and this will redirect you some referrals that will increase your earning.

The other way is by adding reviews and  writing some articles and publishing them. There are many article submitting websites that offers article submission. So you write about how Genuine is Neobux and then get some visitors to your referral link and increase earning.

The most important of all is by buying referrals. There is a system in neobux that allows buying a referrals. So you can buy referrals which starts from a very low cost of 0.75$ and start earning some extra cash. You can use this trick to increase earning from 1$ a month to 1000 $ a month. You can consult with Neobux earners who earn more every month and get ideas about how to apply this trick to earn more visitor and you will be directly benefited.

You can start referring whenever you reach 100 clicks,i.e you need 25 days of continuous clicks before you will be able to refer others. It means you need to struggle for the first month and the second month proves good. But you can anytime buy referral and utilize them. You can manage referrals and exchange them. When you understand completely which needs an experience, Neobux will prove to be boon in your life.

The other thing is that when you upgrade to gold or premium membership, you will be able to earn more per click and referral click and you will be given more priority in case of buying referrals. So I suggest you to upgrade.

If you go through the NEOBUX faqs, you will get a great Knowledge.

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