How To Make Ten Tousand Page Impressions In Single Day With Little Efforts

I hope you enjoyed my previous experimentation on how to keep your blogs alive with simple tools and little efforts.. Ok you may ask what is use of keeping blog live, well thats very important, check out how.
Yesterday there was rush on google trends for keywords like ssc results and similar. And If you have live blogs which are favorite of google search engine, You can make use of these keywords and post the information in your blogs. And your blogs/live horse are on top priority of google search engine. Thats pretty simple isnt it. Yesturday there was search for same keywords / combinations till 60 keywords combination. Well I was not having 60 blogs to post for each keywords. I wish I can have and maintain :-).

Well there is catch. I am maintaining 4 blogs, out of that one for US news and US google trends. and other three are for India news and India google trends , So my three blogs are favorite of google if some news comes from india. and other one is form US, Means If I keep Indian related news on US blog then It will not be that much hit list. Well this is my experience I not putting here any technical terms of tech language.

Well This is what I was talking on how to make use of live Horse/Blogs.
I can’t believe my eyes when I have seen 30 thousand + page impressions in single day, Thats highest for me in single day.

I hope you have learn About how to make use of live blogs, and making ten thousand page impression in single day with little efforts. Any questions comment on.

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