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How To Activate FeedBurner Ad Network

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Today I have activated Feedburner Ad Network, Its really easy and useful if you have reader.

Steps : login to feedburner

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2. Add your blog feeds, If you have not already added your blog feeds.

3. Select the feed where you want to display the adds,

4. Select the Monetize tab form that feed, then you will see Configure Ads

Activate FeedBurner Ad Network and/or Google AdSense for Content and then configure how you want ads to appear in your content.

In order to add FeedFlare to your blog, you’ll need to insert a small piece of code near the post metadata (author, date, comments, etc) in your template.

5. Enable the activate tab and save settings.

And done, you can get some revenue from this. All done. Keep going.

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  1. Sean Kaur says:

    Feedburner is really very useful for syndicating feeds from other websites.,~`

  2. i always use feedburner to syndicate my blog posts to other subscribers.-.;

  3. i always use feedburner to syndicate my blog posts to other subscribers.;.-

  4. Knife Sets ` says:

    feed burner is very useful for blog owners because it is easy to syndicate feeds using feedburner .:~

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