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Have you ever think of making money from forums, yes you can make some extra chunk of money for your extra bear bottle, using forums. Yes in simple terms ask questions and get paid.

Make Money by using Forum

Here I am going to share how I make money using Forum.

I guess everyone here is familiar with what Forum site is.Forum is where you can discuss on various topics and you can even get solution for the problems.In brief definition,it is a website where different kinds of topics are discussed.You may have already used forum websites and participated in many forum topics.It solves your problem as well as gives you some knowledge.You can interact with many person and solve your problems.

Techdoctordeals is similar kind of forum site where you can discuss your problems and make some kinds of discussion and on other hand you are paid for this. Techdoctordeals is a site in which you will be paid to be active on forum. Just by discussing on some topics and sharing your knowledge,you get paid. You get paid for participating in forum. Techdoctordeals referred as TDD in shortcut pays for just being active in forum. It pays you for replying any discussion and starting a discussion.

The paying rule on TDD changes and updates day by day. You are paid 5 cents for each discussion you make and 7 cents for every discussion you start. It is very easy to use and earn with TDD as I am paid four times,10$,20$,50$ and 50$ respectively at very less time i.e in 30 days.

Techdoctordeals is a technology related forum but you can discuss about anything, but as it deals with tech,it pays 7 cents each for each post you make in tech related topic.

The main thing that TDD requires is verified PayPal address. As it pays you with PayPal,it needs a PayPal address and PayPal address you provide must be same to the email address that you provide during sign up.So you must take care of this.

So you can now Sign Up and start earning now.Just

register Here

or you can just see payment proofs:

This is my payment proof which I got for the second time

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