Get Free PR7 Backlinks and Did You Got Your Firefox Certificate?

Here is a technique to get free PR7 Backlink .

Steps :

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Edit Page
  3. Enter your Link and Save Page !

The password is c4mp .

Looking for more ? Here is a list of all pages . Many are PR6 and PR7 .
credit to earnpros

Hai Firefox fans, you just helped Mozilla set a unique Guinness World Record for the “Most downloaded software in 24 hours.

Though the official body of Guinness World Records is yet to approve this record attempt, Firefox is celebrating with certificates that also carry a Guinness World Records logo.

To print your own certificate, go to, type your name and download the certificate in PDF format.

The thing is anyone can get this certificate ie you might not have taken part in downloading the firefox-3 still you can get this certificate. check out

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