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Hello world I am back with lot of good information. Was collecting proofs. 🙂
So lets start with matched.co.uk.

This is another opportunity to monetize your website with another Ad network program – Matched.co.uk, a UK based company. You are going to be paid in pound sterling (GBP)! which means more money because of the currency exchange rate.

Matched.co.uk - Matching advertisers with publishers - earn more money from your website today!

How Matched.co.uk works?
Every advertiser will be paid £3/month for every single page regardless of your pagerank (PR). You can place up to 5 pages per domain at any individual post in your blog (you can add up to 5 domains) and you will always be paid £3/page/month. So you can earn up to £75/month which roughly equivalent to $150. The ads format looks pretty much like adsense ads but don’t worry, you can always put matched.co.uk ads along with adsense ads.

When you sign up, Matched.co.uk will give you £5 in advance (Wow, you already have £5 just before your pages are allocated to specific advertisers). As far as the payment is concerned you can use Paypal to draw your earnings, which is fasted way.

The ad format

Just to highlight this thing again even I had already mentioned earlier on, the ads looks similar to adsense ads but rest assured, Matched.co.uk staffs say both ads can be placed on the same page together.

check out how matched.co.uk adds look like.

Tips: How to get advertisements almost instantly after registration?

Some might wonder why there’s no advertiser interested in putting up ads on the submitted page and some might have been waiting for more than a month. Here’s the trick. For your information most of the advertisers are coming from the following niches:

• Finance
• Business
• Insurance
• Debt
• Marine Activities
• Dating
• Health
• Real Estate
• Legal

I some of my pages are declined, only one page got approved.

So you need to make sure your page is related to either of the above niches. I tried this myself and it works 🙂 So what are waiting for?

Sign up here


I know you need proof; check out below, paypal account credits, from matched.co.uk
and here is latest payment.. come join matched.co.uk login here

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