Checklist To Follow For Changing Blogspt Template

Useful checklist and notes to follow for changing your blogspot template. So at last you have decided to change your template. Before changing the good old default blogger template you need to take backup of current template. Still not convinced why to change template then read on this you will get convienced.
1. Search for good template
Now search begins for good templates. Here is list of good blogger templates. blogger templates from requires you to switch to classic mode in order to upload his templates.
2. Check the Demo in ateast two browsers
After you have decided the blogger template, please don’t forget to check the selected demo provided atleast in two browsers like mozilla and internet explorer. This is because if you see most of the templates works and opens good in mozilla but not the case in internet explorer. If it opens good in both browsers the mark it and download.
3. Take backup of you widgets.
Don’t forget to take backup of all your current widgets, because to get these widgets you have invested your time and money.
4. Take backup of meta contents and HTML code
Take backup of meta tag data which is inside the head part of your current template, this you can get from edit html tag and search for head tag. This includes meta tag for search engines and your meta tag description for blog. Still have doubt on how to add keyword description to your blog check this post explained in simple way.
5. Take backup of Google webmaster and Analytics tracking code.
Don’t forget to take webmaster tracking code and at the end analytics code tracking code backup, this will be available before the end of body tag.
Now you can upload the new blogger template just copy paste it or use upload option. once your are done with this now major challenge is for add placement.
6. At last Add placement
This is most important and time consuming process at least for me. My tactics and hint for google add placement is and try out and try out. This will come automatically, but this requires you to browse some good blogs around and see how they are placing the adds, well good bloggers also keep on changing their add placement and add format. Ya there are google heat maps, which guides you to know where to place adds, but as non-techie person this sounds more complicated with different heat maps suggestions. Recently I have updated this blog with add placement and optimized MY way, comment on your views also. I feel this is the best combination can come out in 3-colomn blogger.
please comment on your experience and suggestions.

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