Blogging Tips for Changing Template Use and Trick

Its being long time that I am sharing my tricks and experiences about blogging. Here is yet another trick and observation like these for newbie blogger.
I maintain four five blogs just to see their workings. I have this blog on which I used to change the blog templates almost twice a month in initial days. and I have this blog on which I did not do any modification I am using one of the default template provided by google, as most of do. Here is one important observation that you must not ignore, if you are craving for earning from blogging then follow these steps and this observation.
Observation is that, The earnings from the blog which i used to change the template is quite impressive and so traffic is also more for this blog. And The earnings from the blog which i did not change its default template is very low and traffic is also reducing now.
Most of the top blogger also keep changing their blogger templates at least once in a year, I am checking these top blogs from last nine months and fond that they too change their templates.
In Summary google really pays attention for your efforts. because changing the blogger templates takes some time to search for right blogging template and upload it.
So Throw the default blogspot template in the recycle bin and switch to a more professional design.
Some of the best free blogger templates to look.

Daily Inspired: free professional Blogger Template

» Free Blogspot Templates – Isnaini, an Indonesia based blogger template designer, has a good collection of 3 column template designs.

» Blogger Templates – Excellent collection of two column blogspot templates. Recommended.

» Blogger Templates @ Gecko & Fly This site has collected popular blogspot template designs from other designers and put them in one central location.

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