Pandharpur Yatra Aashadhi Ekadashi Warkaris On the Way with Dindi

The Ekadashi of Ashadhi is the eleventh day of the fourth month of the Hindu calendar which has a lot of religious significance among the Hindus in Pandharpur and all over Maharashtra.

ASHADHI EKADASHI The Shri Vithal temple situated at Pandharpur in Maharashtra is an important seat of the Bhakti cult, unifying a large number of Hindu devotees belonging to various castes and sub-castes in Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
Every year Goan Hindus go on a pilgrimage to Shri Vithal temple at Pandharpur on Ashadi Ekadashi. This tradition is deeply rooted in history for more than 600 years. It is believed that Vataba Dulba Rane Morlekar from Morle-Sattari and other devotees used to visit Shri Vithal temple of Pandharpur on the occasion of Ashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashi.
Chief minister of Maharashtra did first puja at the Pandharpur temple early morning today. His prayer was for good rains this year in Maharashtra, as there are very less rains this year in Maharashtra, and all warkaris are also hoping same from vitthala. our vidhoba, panduranga must listen to our prayers.
The famous Pandharpur Yatra culminates on this day at the Vitthala Temple in Pandarpur. In 2009, the date of Ashadi Ekadasi is July 3. Railway has announced few special trains for this day the train will run from Amravati to Pandharpur on June 29 and 30 and on July 3 and 4.
This is the day of the huge “yatra” or pilgrimages to the god Vithoba of Pandharpur, a town in south Maharashtra, situated on the banks of the Bhima River, a tributary of the Krishna River.
Places to visit in Pandharpur
Namdeva chi payari
The child Namdev was always an ardent devotee of Vithoba. the first step in the temple at Pandharpur is called “namdev chi payari”.
Vithoba temple, Pandharpur is the main center of worship for the Hindu deity Vithoba, believed to be a local form of god Krishna or Vishnu and his consort Rakhumai. It is the most visited temple in Maharashtra. The warkaris start marching from their homes to the temple of Pandharpur in groups called Dindi to reach on Aashadhi ekadashi and Kartiki ekadashi. A dip in the holy river Chandrabhaga on whose banks Pandharpur resides, is believed to have power to wash all sins.

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