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Youtube Krishna Bhajan Mp3 Krishna Janmashtami Songs Krishna Vidoe Songs Lord krishna

O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin – 2 Jo suno to kahe Prabhuji hamri hai binti Dukhi jan ko dheeraj do Haare nahin voh kabhi dukh se Tum nirbal ko raksha do Reh paaye nirbal sukh se Bhakti ko shakti do Bhakti ko shakti do Jag ke jo swami ho, itni to araj suno Hai path mein andhiyaare Dedo vardaan mein ujiyaare (O paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaare Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin Humri uljhan suljhaao bhagwan Tumre bin hamra kaunon naahin
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Hey Govind Hey Gopal: Jai Shri Krishna

A beautiful Krishna bhajan by Jagjit Singh

“Hey Govind Hey Gopal” a Bhajan by Jagjit Singh
हरि आपे कान्हु उपाइदा मेरे गोविदा हरि आपे गोपी खोजी जीउ ॥

The Lord Himself created Krishna, O my Lord of the Universe; the Lord Himself is the milkmaids who seek Him.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare

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