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Dashain Dhun

Dashain also Known as Dashara is a highly preferred festivals for Hindus. It is very much important for Nepali too. Almost every people in Nepal celebrates Dashain. Dashain is specially celebrated in India and Nepal but in Nepal it is said Dashain and usually in India it is called Dashara. Dashain is considered as Win of good over evil. It has a legend beyond it. It is considered to be celebrated ten days as a result of victory of God Rama over Ravana and is celebrated as happiness. Dashai is very much special to hindus. They buy new clothes and enjoy together with Family.They enjoy playing cards.

Dashain has its own specialty as it is very much liked by Hindus. It eliminates sadness and Enmity and creates peace which makes dashain one of the most important Festival in Nepal. Throught the 10 days of Dashain,every media and FM stations usually plays music usually called Dashain Dhun or Malshree Dhun. Dashain Dhun plays a soft heart touching music which makes a sense that Dashain is existing.
With lots of Merits,there are some demerits of dashain too. One of the demerit is that people lost many of their properties playing cards and Gambling. Usually this is the time when most of the people get involved in playing cards. The other demerit is that people cut and worship goats in name of dashain which is no more than non violence. Worshiping God is just a name where people eat lot of Goat’s Flesh.
Inspite of all these Demerits, Dashain is the most important festival in History of Nepal.
This is the greatest music ever composed by sur sudha group. This music specially related with dashain the greatest festival of all the nepalese

Beautiful Nepal with Dashain Dhun video ,happy dashain 2019
Enjoy Malashree tune by Sur Sudha

In Dashain People usually buy new clothes,Put tikas and Jamaras and get blessings from the elders. They share happiness and enjoy. They usually exchange greetings by many ways such as SMS. Here are some sms collection in Roman Nepali Language.

Vaagya Chamkiwos Saabaiko,
Saabaiko hos Sukha Samridhi,
sukha Santi Hos Sub Tira,
Maata Durga ko Bash hos charai tira
Yehi nai cha mero Dashain ko subakaamana

Dashain nai ho ki Yo mero Dasha Farki ayeko
Kina Yesle malai yesto satayeko
Satayeni kei chaina Khusshi ni lyaucha
Dashai jasto ramailo aru k ma nai aaucha.
Subha Bijaya Dasami

Tin janale Tapaiko Ghar ko bato khojdai thiye,
Maile tiniharulai batai diyeko chu,
So yo Dashain ma Tiniharu tapaiko Ghar ko Dhoka Dhakdhakaune chan
Ti hun Sukha,Shanti ani Samriddhi
Tapaiko Yespali koDashai Sukhad Rahos
Happy Dashain

Nidaar ma Tika,
Kaana ma Jamara,
Sukha Rawos Yus Pali ko Dashain Hajur ko,
Yehi nai ho Mero Dashain Ko Kamaana
Happy Dashain.

Those sms above were some of the SMS message for Nepali users.These were in Roman Nepali.You may also add new sms in comment below if you know any.
Since People use new clothes in dashain,the markets are very crowded these days.

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