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Gary Ng Videos Gary Ng Cousin Singapore Edison Chen Gary Ng video Interview

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Gary Ng has became some sort of an overnight sensation in Singapore. Singapore’s newspapers compared Gary Ng to Hong Kong’s Edison Chen. The reason, his 33 sex videos circulating on the Internet.
want to know who is Gary Ng, the Singapore’s answer to Edison Chen?
Gary Ng’s latest new video

Gary Ng’s Interviews
Singapore’s ‘Edison Chen’ Gary Ng has been setting tongues wagging online with his sex-capades this past year. RazorTV’s Daryl Chin manages to track down the man behind the videos.

Inadvertently, the first question asked during the interview was: “Are you the real Gary Ng?”
Finally, we can hear the voice of this s-e-x crazy man. Thanks to razorTV!

Gary Ng Videos Gary Ng Cousin Singapore Edison Chen Gary Ng youtube video Interview

The only way to contact him, he said, is through his Hotmail address. Naturally, he is the real deal since he was the only one present.

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