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Interactivity is the name of the game at the moment. Here are some websites that are a combination of the fun, the weird, the educational or the simply bewildering.

Alien Empire

The Universcale

FreeTube ( ) – Live Streaming Television
This website features a couple hundred channels from across the world, majority of which are in English. Watch all sorts of news, weather and entertainment channels. Your very own private internet television set.

Pandora ( ) – Music Genome Project
This website lets you select a song, and it’ll recommend similar songs that you may like by the same artist or another band. It only works for US unfortunately.

Feed the Head ( ) – Interactive Head Thingy
This website is weird and random like an episode of family guy on acid. Start plucking at the guys head and things keep happening just try it you’ll see what I mean.

Samorost ( ) – Online Game
This is a really fun game with great music and design. It’s a point and click adventure but theres really great ambience in it. Try the second one when you’re done, you really have to check this out and enjoy the trippy effects and music.

YTMND ( ) – Short Funny User Made Clips
This site is for anyone who wants a quick cheap laugh. The jokes are mostly taking two cultural references and mixing them together usually an image with a looped song byte and some large text. Some really funny and weird things here.

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