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Model Questions for bhel trainee Jobs of Written Test

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BHEL Invites applications freshers from mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil engineers,  for 600 engineering Trainee and 600 Supervisor trainee posts.

Here is Question model for bhel supervisor trainee of Written Test;
Written test will consists of 150 multiple choice objective type questions.Test is designed to assess the candidate’s Professional ( Technical) Knowledge of the chosen Engineering Discipline and Higher Aptitude covering arear like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Logical thinking, English usage, General Awareness etc.
have to answer 150 questions in 2 hours .
For each question, a choice of few alternative answers will be given, out of which only one alternative is correct. You have to choose the alternative, you think to be correct and indicate your choice on the answer sheet.
Every question will carry 1 mark. Negative marking to the extent of 0.2 marks per wrong answer will be there.

Directions: In the following question, pick the choice whose meaning is opposite to the word shown in capitals.
(1) Cannibalism (2) Tyranny (3) The past (4) Aristocracy (5) Capitalist
2. Which of the following numbers is least?
(1) (1/4)2 (2) 49 (3) 4-9 (4) 42
3. It costs Rs.4.25 for two adults and their child to attend the Circus. If the child’s ticket is half the price of adult’s ticket, what is the price of an adult’s ticket?
(1) Rs.0.75 (2)Rs. 1.70 (3) Rs.1.75 (4) Rs.1.44
4. If `a’ is less than 50 and ‘b’ is less than 25, it follows that:
(1) a=2b (2) `a` is greater than b (3) a+b is less than 75 (4) a-b =25 (5) None of these

2. TECHNICAL TEST (for Supervisor Trainees)

1. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum tensile stress is developed on the
(1) top layer
(2) bottom layer
(3) neutral axis
(4) every cross section
(5) none of these
2. The velocity at which the laminar flow stops, is known as
(1) velocity of approach
(2) lower critical velocity
(3) higher critical velocity
(4) medium critical velocity
(5) none of these
1. ) If a hot resistance of an indicator lamp is 50 Ohm and rated current is 0.2A, its rated voltage is
(1) 2V (2) 5V (3) 10V (4) 20V (5) 25V
2. What resistance must be connected in parallel with one of 8.5 ohm to give an equivalent resistance of 5.1 ohm?
(1) 15.72 ohm (2) 12.75 ohm (3) 17.52 ohm (4) 15.27 ohm (5) None of these
1. A reflex Klystron function as:
(1) Microwave amplifier (2) Microwave oscillator (3) A high gain cavity (4) both as amplifier and as oscillator (5) None of these
2. Thermocouple instruments are also known as
(1) R F instruments (2) PMMC instruments (3) Rectifier instruments (4) Digital instruments (5) None of these
1. Kelvin-Planck’s law deals with
(1) conservation of work (2) conservation of heat (3) conversion of heat into work (4) conversion of work into heat (5) none of these
2. ) In involute gears, the pressure angle
(1) dependent on the size of teeth (2) dependent on the size of gears (3) always constant (4) always variable (5) none of these


1(4) 2.(3) 3.(2) 4.(3)
1. CIVIL ENGG. 1. (1) 2. (2)
2. ELECTRICAL ENGG. 1. (3) 2. (2)
3. ELECTRONICS ENGG. 1. (2) 2. (3)
4. MECHANICAL ENGG. 1. (3) 2. (3)
BHEL Fresher Jobs BHEL Trainee Recruitment BHEL ET – Engineer Trainee BHEL ST – Supervisor Trainee Job

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      i want bhel previous model test paper.

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    i want bhel previous model test paper.

    How much % of marks requird to select in BHEL……………………To write entrence exam………..
    my aknowdgement no 568244 plz more detail of call letter

    1. umesh says:

      i wanted to participate bhel recruitment 2010 but i clear my graduation in mech from yashwantrao open university maharashtra in 60.4% and i schedule cast categary

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    1. admin says:

      visit bhel recruitment site, there u can print your admit card.

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    when i will get the hall ticket for exam?

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  11. umesh says:

    i clear my graduation in mechanical engineering 2010 from yashvant rao chavan maharashtra open university in 60.40% but my categary in schedule cast can i participate in recruitment 2010 in bhel

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