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Thanks for your response to my previous post,
Giving some simple rules of thumb for those who are serious about investment,
Investment is a long term goal, from where you understood the power of compounding and expects the returns from it.
One of the simple and best example of investment is land/plot, you must have observed the cost before two yrs down and now. Did you notice that in span of two yrs it valuations is double.
Fear- In this investment there is fear of, land/plot illegal acquire by other.
Then simple advice could be go for the land/plot purchase with reputed builder and make timely visit to your properties.
Why to purchase land/plot – As our experiences says from past ten years, nearly 20% people are living in cities, and in next 10 yrs, if indian growth story continues this figure will touch to 40% ie 40% people will live in cities, so just think and dont ignore my note. If you are serious investor and want good returns over your investment go for land/plot purchase near metro cities. Think for investment in tire-II and tire -III cities also.
As I tried to give you some notes in my previous post about ULIP plan, most of the ULIP provider says they give your minimum of 20% returns, just dont go by their words think that you can only get 10% max returns from it- this excludes their all charges.
So as an investor you have to play very smartly to get better rewards.
After all there is huge difference in horse riding and donkey riding, choose where your want to be.

Final words,
If you want great returns from your investment, invest in land/plot in and around metro cities, and see the magic. For insurance – golden suggestion is selection of right term insurance plan.

Keep reading, next post will be on stocks and insurance.

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