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Unique Identification Authority of India
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) (Hindi: भारतीय विशिष्ट पहचान प्राधिकरण), is an agency of the Government of India responsible for implementing the envisioned Multipurpose National Identity Card or Unique Identification card (UID Card) project in India.
The agency is headed by a chairman, holds a cabinet rank. The UIDAI is part of the Planning Commission of India. Nandan Nilekani, a former co-chairman of Infosys Technologies, was appointed as the first Chairman of the authority in June 2009.
UIDAI launched AADHAAR program in the tribal village, Tembhli, in Nandurbar, Maharashtra on 29th September, 2010. The program was inaguated by Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh along with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

  1. Aadhaar (the UID number) is not mandatory. People can choose not to be a part of the exercise.
  2. It is not restricted to Indian citizens only and is meant for residents of India, irrespective of their citizenship. An Aadhaar card does not establish citizenship of India, it is meant for identification.
  3. Even people without proper identification documents can apply for Aadhaar. Authorized individuals, who already have an Aadhaar, can introduce residents who don’t possess any documents to establish their identity to enable them to receive their Aadhaar.
  4. Aadhar will not replace other identification documents such as ration card or passport.
  5. The UIDAI will collect only biometric and demographic information about an individual and will not ask for info on caste, religion or language.

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We know that it is a use full for all Indians who is living in India and abroad. Now UID has not cleared that they will make UID card for NRI and foreigners
  1. Official Website of UIDAI
  2. Ask, answer and Discuss UID

AADHAAR is a Multipurpose National Identity Card (MNIC) project is an initiative of the Indian government.

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15 thoughts on “UID India UID Aadhaar uidai.gov.in UID Cards Info Unique Identification Authority of India

  1. Very informative article on Aadhaar, I agree with you that it is not mandatory for all but definitely beneficial for all. I can’t replaced Residential or Identification document but It will show that you are a Indian Citizen…

    I like the concept, I read somewhere that they reaches 1 lakh in a short span of time

  2. check the my uidai status but come to not found
    please conform the status

    1. check the my uid status but come to not found
      please conform the status

    1. aadhar card & uid number not recived pls send me my aadhar card & number urgent

  3. uid number is great idea to identify everyone, the number should be used for transaction of money ,those are not paying tax,number should be used in every to credit and debit money where there money is !
    Adhar card and uid number not recived uptillnow. please mail on my email.

  4. sir,
    my name is amit kumar
    i have not received card & uid number pls send me my uid no. and card pls iam requesting u …..

    my address: 804/17 lakhpat colony part-2
    meethapur, badarpur
    new delhi-11044

  5. Dear Jeevan Pantji,
    UID card is an unique card to be issue to curb the corruption, but painfully I have to say that since the inception of issuance of card and process it has become the tool of giant corruption.
    My self Dr.Jeram Parmar from Ahmedabad, went to the Central Bank of India in Satellite area opp. Preranatirth Jain Temple (Central Bank of India has been assigned the work of processing the said card in Gujarat) and I shocked to learn that the people who were working as data entry operators taking openly money from the people to push them from back door entry and one of the bank’s employee was working as an agent between them. I was asked to come next day, but many people who came after me were taken immediately after intervening of that bank employee (agent). When I took objection and threaten to complaint, I was told openly without fear to do the same and challenged me by one of the three data entry operators (Mr.Jayesh) by telling that he would take any one recommended by the said agent (bank employee). I had to leave the premises helplessly.I went there next day, venue was changed (CBI employee told me) and where it was taken not told to me. Surprisingly no news is coming in local dailies also and people like me do not know the abrupt change in venue.
    I have observed that there was a heavy crowd of house wives and small to young children only. No office goers males are seen because it takes hours together, so housewives do not complaints also and a corruption network between bank employee and operators are working openly. Surprisingly there was no any nodal oficer to monitor the activities. Three data entry operators only controlling entire situation as if it is of their own business.HOW CAN WE CURB CORRUPTION? CAN ANY ONE FROM GOVT. CONTROL SUCH PEOPLE (BANK EMPLOYEE and DATA ENTRY OPERATOR like Mr.JAYESH).

  6. Recently I had been to a place at Agra where they are making UID cards. There were two persons doing the job and plenty of people negotiating to get the job done. There was a complete chaos. Ladies, senior citizens and children were suffering in the long ques. The situation became out of control and process was stopped altogether. Had it been known that it is not mandatory, many people who have their proper identity in having Voter ID or a Pass port will never bother to go to suffer at these places.
    The Agency i. e. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) must educate public through print and electronic media about the utility and limitations of UID cards so that there may not be panic in the society.

  7. snd my udi no.because nr aadhar card cendra close, not recieve print.i work gov.job

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