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Satyam Computers Share Price Mahindra Satyam Results 2010

Perform Sri Ganesh Puja online Musical Ganesh Puja computers share price is going high from last two days, since its financial results are to be declared on 29th september 2010.
The scrip is going high before its Mahindra Satyam Results 2010 to be declared, market analysis are very much positive about the stock, with good management team from Mahindra.
Keep updated for latest news on mahindra Satyam Computers will come out with its financials for fiscal years 2008-09 and 2009-10 on September 29, for the first time since its founder B Ramalinga Raju admitted to falsifying the company’s accounts
Watch out for mahindra satyam share price.
Mahindra Satyam, formerly known as Satyam Computers, will be announcing its results on September 29. It had not published its financial results since its founder B Ramalinga Raju in January 2009 admitted to fudging the company’s accounts for years.

Exactly an year ago on Sep 22, 2009, shares of Mahindra Satyam had hit a one-year high of Rs 123 on BSE. reports ET

What is your view on to purchase satyam stock at this price?
what you to say about to sell mahindra satyam shares and book some profit?

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  1. […] had so far been trading below Rs 100, has been seeing trading activity from last four days in the lineup to the announcement of restated accounts for fiscal year 2008-09 and 2009-10. Number of View […]

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