Railway Budget 2009-10|Rail Budget 2009-2010

The Railway Budget 2009-2010, Rail Budget 2009-2010 is presented today by the Railway Minister Mamta Baneerjee.

Mamta Baneerjee presented her first Railway Budget, and most importantly there is no change in the fares of trains.

The important outcomes of the Railway Bugdet :

  • No fare change. There is neither an increase nor a decrease in the fares of rail tickets. This was the major concern for the general man.
  • Tatkal tickets will be available two days before.
  • 12 new trains will be running, between important stations, point to point, without any stopage. In long route trains, doctors will be available. New trains will be running on the below routes .
  • Tatkal Tickets will cost Rs 100 for the sleeper class. So there is a decrease in tatkal tickets since previously it was Rs 150 for sleeper class.
  • No change in charges for goods train.
  • A Rs 25 ticket will be available, by which the passenger can travel upto 100 km.

The 12 new Trains which will be running on specific routes in between point to pont i.e. no stoppage in between are:

  1. Delhi -Mumbai
  2. Delhi-Pune
  3. Delhi -Chennai
  4. Delhi -Kolkata
  5. Delhi- Sealdah
  6. Delhi -Bhubaneshwar
  7. Delhi-Ahmedabad
  8. Delhi- Lucknow
  9. Delhi-Allahabad
  10. Delhi-Jammu Tawi
  11. Kolkata-Amrister
  12. Delhi- Ernakulam

So now trains will be running similar to Airlines, Destination to Destination. Passengers can travel long routes without any disturbance.

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