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Latest news on ayodha results case is that Ayodhya verdict on Sep 30;;
The high court has decided to announce the verdict Sep 30 at 3.30 p.m.
With the dismissal of Tripathi’s petition, the decision on when to pronounce the verdict now rests with the high court.

In its pre-lunch sitting, the apex court heard the arguments from both the sides.

Attorney General G. Vahanvati told the court: “If there is any possibility of the settlement (out of court), we will welcome it but at the same time we don’t want any uncertainty to continue.”

“For the sake of maintaining law and order, we cannot keep security forces in sustained animation,” he added. via
Supreme Court Decision On Ayodhya Verdict Case On All News Channels | Aaj Tak | Live News | Zee News | Star News
Supreme Court has announced that it will declare the Result at 2:00 Pm today. Ayodhya Result and we make an appeal to all the people across the nation to happily accept the decision whatever it may either in favour of Our Muslim brothers or Hindus Brothers
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