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Women Who made difference Inpendence day
All well know of gandhiji who make India free from British hand.Apart from him ,there are women fighters who struggle for freedom.
Mohandas Gandhi The Ever loving women who leave their family and their comforts only for the freedom struggle. Without them we as Indians not to be free  and reviewing the old as it now. Here is the few enthusiastic amazing women where all in this century will definitely pay attention to them.Just a recap and history of those womens .

Rani velu nachiar the prince of ramnad and daughter of chella muthu sethupathy ,married to siva gangai raja. She  was one such personality fight against the british .She and they had daughter called vellachi nacchiar.She enter into battle  because of her husband death. And she want to struggle with person who reason for his death. Atlast she fought with British and won it in 1780.

Lakshmi Bai –the rani of Jhansi. She was one of the leading figures of first Indian struggle for independence .She studied self defense, horsemanship, archery and even formed her own army.She defied the British as they did not accept son under the doctrine of lapse.

Then kitturu rani chennamma,she led an army against the British in response to the doctrine of lapse.

The great sarojini naidu was bon in 1879 in Hyderabad act as freedom fighter and poet.She is the first Indian women to become the president of Indian national congress and play other role like governor of uttarpradesh. She also called nightingale of India fought for rights of woman .She joined salt march to dhandi and she led the dharshana satyagraha after arrest of Gandhi.
Indian independence movement Rani gaidinliu joined the freedom struggle at the age of 13.She act leader of nagas who started movement to drive the british from Manipur..British wants to supreess the movement,She went underground and captured at 1932 and was freed in 1947 afetr the india became free.

Though few listed here ,the thousands who faught not forgetten.Some of them are

  1. Kasturba Gandhi
  2. Aruna asaf ali
  3. Kamala Nehru
  4. Indira Gandhi
  5. Vijayalakshmi pandit
  6. Madam cama
  7. Annie Besant

The listed persons always thought of with deep gratitude and continue to be source of inspiration.

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