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Download Vinayagar Sathurthi Songs Mp3 Vinayagar Songs Free Torrents; HAPPY VINAYAKA (Ganesha) CHATURTHI 2010 Vinayagar Sathurthi or Ganesh chaturthi is the festival celebrated all over India by Hindus. Vinayagar is the fore come lord, anai mukhathan; ganpati bappa morya hindi sms. . Also celebrated well in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, karnataka, andhra pradesh, Orissa, peoples and outside India , Nepal and Hindu in Srilanka  celebrate ganesh chaturthi. Always this festival comes in the days between august 20 to September 15. People need to buy vinayagar statue  on that day which is made of clay and then do special pooja  with sweets , Tamilnadu Devotees celebrate the festival by doing poorna kollukatai ,. Different types of grain foods are set for ten  days.  The tenth day , the vinayagar are sent to the river and immerse by saying go by this year and come by next year.

Environmental impact on immersion: As the statue are nowadays made of plaster of Paris as this light weight and easy molding but cause water bodies into more acid ,so under water animals come in serious impact.Several issues set by the governmental and non governmental parties to immerse on safe manner without affecting the environment.

  1. Immerse in your own household tank,never think the natural water bodies immersion.
  2. Try to buy the statue which is made of clay ,which in case not cause environment.
  3. If you want to buy plaster of Paris material ,please go for the recycling of statue with some paints,celebrate it for the next year.

Green Ganesha Documentry film

vinayagar chaturthi sms;  As lord vinayager showers great success to you and your family.Happy vinayaga chathurthi2010.

Maha ganapathi song

Vinayagar song sung by famous devotional singer Mr.Dr.Sirkali Govindarajan

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