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Dopt Orders Ministry Of Finance Dearness Allowance July 2010 Calculate Da From July 2010

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Home: Ministry of Finance, Government of India; pre-festive bonanza with the government raising their dearness allowance to 45 per cent Thursday, a day after hiking the interest rate on the provident fund by 100 basis points. The decision to hike the dearness allowance by ten per cent was taken in an union cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, reports
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The increase in DA comes ahead of the Dussehra and Diwali festivals in October and November, respectively. Dearness allowance for central government employees hiked;
Check New DA here Estimate Dearness Allowance using ACPI-IW

Check out Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India website to know about CPI-IW index published every month.
How to calculate Dearness Allowance from the year 2010, twice a year using this average index?
Formula for calculating Dearness Allowance using AICPI-IW

Dearness Allowance = (Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months – 115.76)*100/115.76

For example if you want to calculate DA with effect from 1.1.2006, get the average of AICPI for the period from 1.1.2005 to 31.12.2005, which is 115.76 and apply the same in the formula as follows

DA with effect from 1.1.2006 = (115.76-115.76)*100/115.76
= 0%
DA w.e.f 1.07.2006 = (118.95-115.76)*100/115.76
= 2%

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    if a newly recruits joined on 13/09/2010 the central goverrment service and in which date who is enrolled the membership of CGEGIS.1980 & in which date of 10% contribution under Tier-I. Recovery will be effected in which date.

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