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Delhi one of the major city capital of India in flood for the past four day ie from saturday 18th august 2010.The case become severe issue on today that reaches the main path after destroying the nearby dam locations.Now the level is one meter above the dangerous level mark.Lot  of peoples  nearly 1200 residing in that area were instructed to shift to Monticello from delhi by authorities.Peoples lost their houses not even having flood insurance felt sorrow   and said that they did not see this much o0f water level.All those happened because of Maquoketa river torethrough 300 foot section lake delhi dam on Saturday.

Today by 1pm the water peeling away the Delaware country road.Boats ,propane tank are crashed by the breach ,said by the delhi dam operation manager Mr.fink. Now the boats are used for transport to cross the road.

The water level in Yamuna has reached 205.27 which is 22cm above danger level and the cmps are in operational in the areas like ISBT b ridge,baradpur khadar and usmanpur.The delhi city recorded 413mm precipitation which is the highest over past decade.

The camps are operational in areas such as Usmanpur, Badarpur Khadar and ISBT bridge, the communique said. Today 87181 Cusic water has been released from Hathikund Barrage and consequently, the water level in Yamuna has touched 205.27

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