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Wishes for Diwali and good news for central govt employees. COMPENSATORY SALARY BENEFITS FOR CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES

The central government had planned to give compensatory salary in work activities for the work performance of employees. Cabinet secretary is ready for taking the decisions on it said by the central performance management secretary Dr. Prajapathi Trivedi.  He was talking about it in the meeting of financial editors meeting.

At the starting of the coming financial years, those who complete and achieve the decisions made by the financial centers and departments, the secretary and the related officers will get the compensation on the activities. The operations planning, hike in the financial year targets etc will be evaluated at the beginning and end of the years and central government had started its activities from September 2009.

At the beginning of the financial years, the related secretary of departments had to made decisions to be achieved and there growth rate had to be communicated and submitted to the cabinet secretary. Decisions will be taken with the related decisions of central minister and planning commission. There is a group for evaluating this decisions that had being taken, this consist of members from previous secretary boards and management experts.

The adopted rating method to know the related officers performance and based on that the compensation amount will be decided. The board had already decided the rules and regulations for the action plans based on it.

Ahmadabad IIM and the Lal bahadur shastri central administration academy will jointly give training for nearly 650 senior employees. They just looked for the performance of the departments in the last three months.

From the next year all the financial dealings will come under this department. US, Britain, Newzland based operations had being monitored and on that they decided to expand it activities in India.  Countries like Malaysia, Kenya already has this activities. Pakisthan also interested to take a ditto on this activities to implement in there state too.
What is the compensatory allowance for employees ?

Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

This allowance is granted to Central Government Employees serving in specified remote localities of the country, at the following rates…

Locality Grade Pay of Rs.5400 and above Less than Rs.5400
Part-A 2,600 400
Part-B 2,100 1,600
Part-C 1,500 1,200
Part-D 400 320
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