China-Japan Dispute Good For India President Manmohan Singh Words Opportunity For Export Of Rare Earth Minerals

Dispute going on between China & Japan will be beneficial for India in business opportunities.

Portrait of Manmohan Singh The Dispute that happened between china and japan is coming to a blessing to kerala business firm the Rare earth minerals limited. The rare earth minerals export had being stopped by china to japan, hence japan is now going to depends on kerala.

The Indian president Manmohan Singh had said it’s a great opportunity for India to deal with a business with the prosperity nation like japan. Today Manmohan Sing will meet the Japanese president Navodo Kann about an agreement to be signed for developing a business contract between the two nations.

The deposit of rare earth minerals is 3 percentages in India among the entire world. And India is now using only 2 percent of it. And the major deposit is at kerala. Chona had a deposit of rare earth minerals up to 36 %, and they are exploiting nearly 97 percent of the entire resources. China had supplied the entire rare earth mineral that is needed for the japan. It is very essential for the major industrial firms working in japan.

China’s fishing boat had being captured by japan and they arrested the captain in the fishing boat. This had made a conflict between the countries in there foreign relations. After that china prohibits the export of rare earth minerals to japan and here India had the best opportunity Manmohan said.

This opportunity had to be utilized best this opportunity, India had the place of 28th now in business dealings with India, this opportunity can be used to rise this business opportunity to many times.

It is more benefit to both countries, because japan had the very best technical advancement in nuclear technology, and looking for investment in this area, and India is looking for nuclear energy new technologies. Hence this business deals will be an overall advantage for both the nations.

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