Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat 2 Endorses Playboy

[still2.jpg] Mallika sherawat to endorse Playboy- ‘Murder’ made Mallika Sherawat and she took full advantage of the international attention she got after the small role in Jackie Chan’s ‘The Myth’.
Mallika Sherawat last hit was ‘Welcome’ where she had a bit role.
Two of her more recent movies ‘Ugly aur Pagli’ and ‘Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam’ failed badly.
Actresses she considers competition like Ash are still going strong. Plus there’s the rise of upstarts like Freida Pinto who came out of no where and getting loads of attention and money, thanks to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.
She was at the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles recently and now the news is that the international brand ‘Playboy’ (not the magazine, but the perfume) has roped her in for its launch in India, which should happen anytime mid-April.
Now it’s not clear as to whether she will be endorsing the brand or be merely inaugurating the launch party.
Madame Mallika is known for a lot of stunts and antics. This could very well be one.
Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat endorses Playboy

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