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bharat bandh on 7th september (45); Bharat Bandh on 7th September …TUs plan another Bharat bandh on Sept 7
24-hour bandh would be organised all over the country crippling crucial sectors like telecom, banking, transport and mining.
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Leaders would declare at the end that 7 September Bharat bandh is successful. Here is a question regarding the meaning of bandh successful. Does it mean that normal life was totally paralysed or the issues of bandh are solved?

Trinamool Congress has opposed the 7 September Bharat Bandh.
bharat bandh 7 September | 7 September Bharat Bandh | Bharatbandh 7.09.2010

The trade union wings of the major parties, including the Congress, have declared Bharat bandh on September 7 to protest against rise in price of daily commodities. A 24-hour bandh would be organised all over the country. Emegency services will be kept out of Bharat bandh on 7 September. Most interesting feature of this bandh is that Congress affiliated INTUC would participate in the 7 September Bharat Bandh.

Most of the citizens of India consider bandh as an useless weapon, still there should be some issues on which bandh is organized.
Main issues on 7 September bharat bandh

  1. Government’s wrong economic policies.
  2. Disinvestment in the PSUs
  3. Unkept promise of a welfare scheme for the unorganized sector.

All these points could have been discussed in parliament. Last Bharat Bandh was on July 5 – Monday. Normally all parties call bandh normally on Monday. This is an exception this time that the bandh is on Tuesday.

What you think of Bharat bandh of tomorrow? Share your views, write comments below..

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