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sify mail, its not only mail service but its Sify – Language Mail,
new about Sify Mail is
The new language Mail is available in 11 languages . These languages are Assamese, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi , Gujarati and Sanksrit .
h0w do I use floating keyboard.
Every time you want to use the vernacular option, you will get this keyboard option on top of your screen. This is a default. But you have the option of hiding the same if you wish to.

Once the Font is downloaded then you will immediately get the typewriter with the font. Once you get the typewriter front of your screen, we first ok the keyboard button. Once this is done we can start using the Language fonts.

get your sify mail.

one can make a particular Language as my Default Language, other than the default English language.

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