Google SMS Channels service its easy and Free

Yet another cool service from Google india, This is a free service. Alert your friends and patrons in real time on information that they care about through SMS.

You can create your own channel(s) to receive regular alerts over SMS on specific topics that interest you. You can also invite others to subscribe to your channel(s). You can use your channel(s) as a discussion group as well, allowing other people to post messages.

Google SMS Channel Google SMS Channels is Google’s solution to SMS groups message broadcasting and subscription. This service enables you to get content from Google, Google partners, and all other websites and blogs with RSS support.

one can use this SMS service from website or via your mobile phone.

How to Use Google SMS Channel from Mobile Phones?
To Create a Channel
To create a channel using phone, send the following SMS to 9870807070:


Subscribe to a Channel
Send an SMS ON to 9870807070. is the name of the channel.

How to Unsubscribe from Google SMS Channels
To unsubscribe SMS OFF to 9870807070

The Google SMS Channels service currently does not use any form of advertising in the messages but it might be added after the commercial launch.

Receive this blogs updates on your mobile for free using Google SMS Channels service its easy/

Before subscribing to or creating an SMS Channel, you need to select a nickname, verify your mobile number, The verification code will be sent to your mobile phone.
Just you have to enter the code and you are in Google SMS Channels.

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