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The Budget 2009 highlights. Outcomes of the union budget 2009
presented by Pranab Mukheerjee today in the Lok sabha.

  1. New Saral Forms will be introduced to file the income tax returns. Saral 2 will be made more simple for the common man.
  2. Fringe Benefit Tax removed.
  3. Income tax surcharge removed.
  4. Corporate taxes to remain same.
  5. Senior Citizens Income tax exemption limit increased to 2.4 lakhs.
  6. Ladies Income tax exemption limit incresed to 1.9 lakh.
  7. General Public’s income tax limit will be 1.6 lakhs.
  8. Pension Maturity scheme will be taxable.
  9. Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT) removed.
  10. Poll Campaigning fund will be 100% tax free.
  11. Life saving drugs cheaper.
  12. Cotton clothes ,woollens costlier.
  13. Mobiles cheaper.
  14. Branded Jewellery to cost less.
  15. Computer, softwares to cost less.
  16. CFL, Water Purifier, Pressure cookers to cost less.
  17. Set top boxes, to cost more, LCD’s to cost less.
  18. Bio diesel cheaper.
  19. Diesel Trucks to cost more, petrol trucks to cost less.
  20. Transport’s service  Tax removed.
  21. Service tax on CA (Chartered Accountant )removed.
  22. Doctors and Lawyers will be subject to service tax.
    These are the Major Highlights of the Budget 2009.
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