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Framework Class Library (FCL) for .NET Platform

Framework Class Library consists of classes that all applications created in .NET languages can use to develop user interface, web pages, access database and also core classes which provide basic functionality like I/O(input output), security. Web Forms ASP.NET provides the core web infrastructure, such as Web Forms for UI-based development and Web Services for programmatic […]

Adam Lambert Feeling Good Video American Idol Top 5

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Grab CSS Book For Free Downloading

The Art & Science of CSS — is available for FREE Download,its cost $29.95, This book is 208 pages, This twitway will expire after 11 days, ie you have only 11 days to grab this free book.One of our best-selling CSS books of all time, The Art & Science of CSS (valued at $29.95), is […]

Indian language, working knowledge

Todays post will be about English to telugu translation,. English Telugu I Nenu He Atanu She Aame You Nuvvu It Adi A Oka Come(You come) Ra Came Vachaaru Will come Vasthaanu Open Theruvu Opened Therichinadi Will open Therusthaadu Sit Kurcho Walk Nadavu Eat Thinu Drink Tragatam Win Gelavatam Go Vellu Run Parigettu I go Nenu […]

Indian Languages working knowledge

Dear reader, I like to present working knowledge of indian languages, starting with hindi,below table presents some translation from english to hindi. English Hindi I Mein He Woh / Usne She Woh You Tum / Aap (respect) It Yeh A Ek Come Aao / Aaiye (respect) Came Aaya ( he) / Aayee (she) / Aaye […]

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