Durga Pooja Saraswati Pooja Navarathri Special Ayudha Pooja Vijayadasami

The Durga pooja or Dasara festival is one of important festival among Hindu religion celebrated in south Asia,mainly all over india. Maharashtra, Bengal,orissa, Assam, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka ,Andra celebrate this durga festival in different names.But,the durga pooja celebrated for the reason of killing of mahishasuran.

This navarathiri function is 15 days function which continue from ammavasai ,peoples celebrate with kolu bommai .The kolu is series of steps which contain several dolls.Usually,the step start from three to nine step.so after nine days,the tenth day is saraswati pooja .These nine days are considered as navarathiri vizha.The first step of kolu is underwater animals like fish etc.The second step is ground plants,third is man ,fourth is rishikkal and  mahaan,like raghavendra ,and fivth is god statues and from that we increase all variety of god statues to nine steps.The pooja on every day evening with sundal.The navathaniyam on that kolu will help to start the crop period in village side.

Navarathiri make young girls and womens to be active in decorating and giving gifts to workshipers or devotees.The gift must be contain vetrrilai,pakku,flowers,banana,kumkum,manjal,bangles,piece of mirror which is also called mangalayam set gift.Today peoples add gift like boxes and other useful items to the guest with this .The devotees of durga who work ship god in kolu went to home with satisfacton and happy.

Some of the people in Tamilnadu who celebrate the tenth day function durga pooja with ayudha pooja ,that is they will celebrate with ayudham in house like knife,and other items with santhanam thirunuru .People also do pooja for the vehicle for long run of that vehicle without any accident and problems.Many will do pooja for the books ,pen and things they using. books are to be in saraswati patham on that whole day ,Childrens are happy on that day for not to study.the very next day of durga pooja is vijayadasami ,Most want to start the education for their kids.Spreading rice and just write on that rice in front of lord saraswati.People believe that saraswati give blessings for their child knowledge.

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