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Happy New Year in Different Languages For Fun

Dear world first of all !! Happy New Year ||. If you are looking for How to say Happy new year in different languages? check out here “Happy New Year” in Different Languages Afgani Saale Nao MubbarakAfrikaans Gelukkige nuwe jaarAlbanian Gezuar Vitin e RiArmenian Snorhavor Nor TariArabic Antum salimounAssyrian Sheta BrikhtaAzeri Yeni Iliniz Mubarek!Bengali Shuvo […]

Saving Tax Pension Plans & ULIP Investment

Pension Plans. This is a very important aspect of Financial Planning. There is no point in slogging throughout life and retiring like a pauper. You must be prepared to make a few sacrifices during the working years to save as much as you can to create a healthy corpus for retirement. You must also invest […]

Blogging Tips for Changing Template Use and Trick

Its being long time that I am sharing my tricks and experiences about blogging. Here is yet another trick and observation like these for newbie blogger. I maintain four five blogs just to see their workings. I have this blog on which I used to change the blog templates almost twice a month in initial […]

Newbie Blogging Tips and Tricks To Earn Two Digit Earnings Daily

Newbie Blogging Tips and Tricks To Earn Two Digit Earnings Daily. Here is the list for the blogging tips which will help you to earn at least two digit earnings per day. You may ask what is new here, Well the new thing is these are my learnings about how to earn from blogging with […]

The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts

What are we to make of these finds? There are several possibilities: * Intelligent humans date back much, much further than we realize. * Other intelligent beings and civilizations existed on earth far beyond our recorded history. * Our dating methods are completely inaccurate, and that stone, coal and fossils form much more rapidly than […]

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