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Benefit of Setting Different Time Zone for Blogging

If you are new blogger and want to earn a good two digit earning per day, This is yet another tip for you.I was experimenting about time zone settings, which is available in settings page under formatting tab.What was the experiment? I have set two blogs with two different time zones one for INDIA and […]

How To decide On Right Blog Post Title

Today I was doing some experimentation on post title keywords.Just curious about how google treats for different search queries. And deciding on right post title, hope this experiment will help.So started with google.trends to get whats hot keyword today. With that hot keyword postedthe information on two different blogs but with little difference in blog […]

Use of Feedjit To Improve Your Blog Traffic

Today i am going to demonstrate about Use of feedjit to improve your blog traffic.Yes FEEDJIT’s Geoblogosphere enables you to get local readers for your blog.The Geoblogosphere lets you see which blogs are popular with readers located in your city and any other city in the world, today. How to do I make use of […]

How To set Up Gmail Google Themes in mail

Did you bored with looking at gmail. Google has launched themes for gmail. Why don’t try out new look for your gmail. Was trying out with gmail themes today. Did you try out New gmail themes feature. Yaa its gmail theme, like orkut themes you can set themes for your gmail.How to set gmail themes?Login […]

Grab CSS Book For Free Downloading

The Art & Science of CSS — is available for FREE Download,its cost $29.95, This book is 208 pages, This twitway will expire after 11 days, ie you have only 11 days to grab this free book.One of our best-selling CSS books of all time, The Art & Science of CSS (valued at $29.95), is […]

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