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Mirrors Don’t Lie.. : -)

“When people are made to be self-aware, they are likelier to stop and think about what they are doing,” Dr. Bodenhausen said. “A byproduct of that awareness may be a shift away from acting on autopilot toward more desirable ways of behaving.” Physical self-reflection, in other words, encourages philosophical self-reflection, a crash course in the […]

5 easy ways to access your bookmarks anywhere

Having full access to your bookmarks wherever you are is now something that most users take for granted. Not so long ago, the only way to really ensure you had your bookmarks with you was to crudely send them to your e-mail account and access them from there. Nowadays, you’re almost spoiled for choice meaning […]

Earn More Online Money with

Most of know about google adsense, adbride, and many more online money making tools, but very few know about this UK based company, guies read on they really have good options and payment method is paypal. This is another opportunity to monetize your website with another Ad network program –, a UK based company. […]

SARDAR is back :-) Jokes

Sardar at bar in New York . Man on his right says “Johny Walker single” Man on his left says “Peter Scotch single” Sardar says – “Baljith Singh Married” *********************************************** Boss : I am giving u job as a driver. Starting salary Rs.2000/-, is it o.k Sardar : U R great sir! STARTING salary is […]

Cute girl singing

Cute girl singing Number of View :746 Possibly Related Posts: Top 10 CNN Heroes 2010 Top CNN Heroes Wiki Biography Video Broadcast Vote Online Poll Results 2010 The 3 Mistakes of My Life Reviews and Summary Chetan Bhagat Book Review FREE PDF eBook Download Bhagat Singh Birth Date Bhagat Singh Wiki Bhagat Singh Photos […]

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