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April fool pranks day today..

All Fools Day or April Fools Day is Today; ie 1 st April. You get a chance to show your emotions and anger, The worst April Fool’s prank will hit on google search. Senesex crosses 20K mark; click on any google adds on this page and earn 50$ to 100$ toady. 🙂 April Fool’s Day […]

Cause of suffering- Sri Bhagavan’s Message (March 7 2007)

The root cause of all suffering is the sense of separate existence. We have a divisive consciousness that perceives things as the me and the not me, the mine and the not mine, as my people and yours, as my nation and yours. Having divided all things, we feel threatened by the other. Fear in […]

Valuable Teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan-I

Consciousness is the playground where the higher and lower conscious are at play. Your choice aligns you to the higher or the lower consciousness. Intent + Effort + Grace = Success. When you are focussed all things fall into place. Prayer is like an itch you send up the body of God. The best form […]

Investment and insurance are different -III

As I promised in my last post that will say my reviews on stocks, Today is the best time to talk about stocks as investment option being long term investor. Why today is best day?yesterday was this years first highest gain for Indian stock market and ie the trigger for second highest gain, which may […]

software engineer in USA can drive Benz why not in india..

Software engineer in USA can drive Benz but in India a software engineer like me can only dream to drive Benz. Here are some facts, India being preferred destination for outsourcing, not only for software but for BPO, KPO. These days Indian Software engineer are getting decent salary of 40 thousand (US 1000$) as average, […]

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